Chinese Bridge and other news

Hello folks. Long long time without any new posts here. I’m updating stuff somewhat more regularly on my Facebook page. But here’s what’s been happening in the last few months, in a nutshell.

Chinese Bridge and China:

Chinese Bridge (汉语桥) is a Chinese language speech & talent competition / television show that will take place in Changsha, China in July. The Finnish preliminary competition was held at the Confucius Institute on April 12. In 2013, I won the Finnish competition and went to China to represent Finland. I attended the semifinals but didn’t make the finals (it was annoyingly close). Now, two years later, I decided to take part for the second time, and won the Finnish competition again (the first in in Finland to win it twice).

Tomorrow I’m leaving for China. The actual competition competition starts on July 4 in Changsha, with first some activities in Beijing starting a few days before that. There are about 120 competitors from around the world in the semifinals, and only 30 of those continue to the finals. The finals take place after July 10, with the very last show in early August. Obviously, I hope I could make it to the top 30 this time around.

But whatever the result, I’m flying back to Finland a little later, on August 13. I’m hoping to play a few gigs around China before coming home, and can hopefully also do a few more interviews for my thesis.

I recorded a few Chinese songs of mine and uploaded them on Soundcloud, feel free to check them out.

I’ll keep you posted on how the competition (and other stuff) goes!