I’ll be back soon (aka. last few months in a nutshell)

Hello folks,

Yet again no new posts for many a month. As the title suggest, I’ll get back to you with a proper post soon (really, I will!), but for now I’ll just copy-paste something from my Facebook page (yeah, I’m that lazy):

On August, 5:

“Hello from China! The five-or-so weeks here have been full of all sorts of activities. First of all, the Chinese Bridge competition. Well… it didn’t go quite as well as I hoped (didn’t make it to the top 30 this time either, but it was quite close…), but I did get to play my music on the most popular Chinese television network (so I’ve heard), so that’s still not bad! (The whole thing is also on YouTube, but… not sure if I dare watch it. Maybe I’ll find the link for you later. Maybe.). After the competition was over, I did quite a lot of traveling. But the journey isn’t over yet! Tomorrow, I will be heading to Zaozhuang in Shandong province, where I will start my first ever “China tour!” A very short one, that is, but still, should be very interesting! The final gig of this three of four stop minitour will be at the good old Blue Stream bar in Beijing on August 12.”

And interesting it was! The whole tour consisted of five shows (three in Shandong province, one in Tianjin and one in Beijing). I’ll get back to that. Soon!

After coming back to Finland there was the Chinese National Day Gala by CSSA-UH at the Savoy Theater. I’ve performed in the Gala three times but this time I was also one of the hosts. Was hard work but also very rewarding! I’ll get back to that too… soon! But here’s a picture, just to show you that it actually happened:

Chinese National Day Gala 2015 at the Savoy Theater

Chinese National Day Gala 2015 at the Savoy Theater

The next big musical thing happening in my life will be the “China in Finland” event taking place at Malmitalo after about one month. This has been a dream of mine for a long time and I hope we can do it properly. But I’ll get back to that as well… soon! I will. Trust me.

This picture will give you something of an idea of what we’re talking about:

China in Finland at Malmitalo