Life in Beijing

The past few months have been interesting times.

In mid-February, I left Finland to first travel in Japan (Hokkaido) and Taiwan (Taipei, Hualien) and then settle down in Beijing for some four months. Since the beginning of March, I’ve been working at an NGO called the World Green Design Organization. I’m here for a 3-month internship, after which I will be staying in Beijing for roughly one more month. I’ll be going back to Finland in mid-July (just before my 30th birthday…). The reason I’m doing the internship is mainly to be able use Chinese as a working language and thus to improve my Chinese level. And as I’m the only foreigner in the organization, it’s been coming along nicely. It’s a pretty nice place to work at anyway.

First, a few neat pictures from Taiwan:


and Japan (went downhill skiing first time in maybe 15 years, fell more times than I could count, the last time so bad I had to go to the hospital, was in agony for over a month afterwards, but it was still fun) (didn’t brake any bones even though I was sure I did):


Here in Beijing, life has been pretty alright. I have a place at a very good and convenient location (even though the rent is really high): 20 minutes to work by foot, and very near the Gulou (drum tower) area, where most of the interesting stuff happens. I’ve been going to a lot gigs and meeting new people (while sleeping perhaps a bit too little). Let me share a few pictures:

IMG_20160414_225205 IMG_20160414_230918 mmexport1461002297332  IMG_20160402_230727

Yesterday I had my first own gig since December, at a new place opened by the owner of the good old Blue Stream bar, at the Sanlitun area (Worker’s Stadium). More like a jazz bar and anything but perfect for the music I play but… a gig is always a gig, right? I will be playing another small show next week, at another newly opened place, this time at the Gulou area.

Here’s the cool poster for yesterday’s show and a few pictures (taken by my friend Saana Virtanen):




That’s it for now. More later!


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