Quick update

Hey all,

So, by now you’ve probably realized this “blog” is really not updated on a regular basis. But interesting things have happened since the last post so I do want to share some of it with you. Just not right this second. Haha. I’ll try to get it done soon.

Right now I’m back in Finland after about five months in China. In June, I did a little tour of  China – well, actually not a very little one since there were a total of 14 shows in 15 days – and I was filming a lot (with my phone) along the way and the grand idea is to make it into some sort of a tour documentary. Should be pretty cool. But that might take a while. What’s more likely to happen within the next few weeks is uploading some pictures and writing a proper post about the tour. That I promise to do soon.

Right now I’m busy working again at the FIIA (Finnish Institute of International Affairs) and trying my best to work on my master’s thesis (a project that I really haven’t found enough time for). And, unless something crazy happens, I’ll be heading back to China very soon. More on that too later.