Master’s thesis

On October 13, 2014:

So. I just decided that this is probably worth a page of its own as it will constitute a big part of the next year (or more) of my life.

I’ve been listening to Chinese rock music for some ten years now. It started with curiosity and has evolved into something much more than that. In 2011 I wrote my bachelor’s thesis about Chinese metal and nationality, focusing on two bands, Ordnance (军械所) and Yaksa (夜叉) (unfortunately the thesis is only available in Finnish). Now, I’m finally starting to work on my master’s thesis. It will be about Chinese rock music – more specifically… not sure just yet. I do have some ideas.

I wanted to get a good start so I went to China in the summer of 2014 hoping to conduct a few interviews. And I did. Six interviews to be exact, with altogether seven people. Five interviews were conducted in Chinese and one in English.

Here you can read about the research and writing process of my master’s thesis as well as other stuff related to the topic itself – Chinese rock music. But please don’t expect this page to be updated on a weekly basis.




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