Chinese rock collection & reviews

I still buy CDs. Lots of them.

I especially enjoy buying CDs of Chinese music. A lot of it is rock music. I don’t want to use the word “indie”, but that’s what most of Chinese rock is anyway. Most of my Chinese CDs are (more or less) independent music releases from mainland China, but here I’m also including music from Taiwan and Hong Kong (stuff outside of the “sinosphere”, that is, the rest of the world, is obviously not included). All of these are releases of mainland Chinese artists unless otherwise mentioned (HK for Hong Kong, TW for Taiwan). As of today, Chinese music is very seldom distributed outside of China, but the list also includes a few releases by Chinese artists on international labels. This is a very incomplete list that I’ll be updating every now and then.

In addition to full length albums the list includes EPs, singles and demos. The list does include a very wide range of genres, including folk, metal, rockabilly, even reggae. And jazz. So I guess a broad description would be independent / non-mainstream music.

Albums released in 2014:

Folk & folk rock
Hanggai (杭盖) – Baifang (回到你身旁)
Shanren (山人) – Left Foot Dance of the Yi
Indie rock
AV Okubo (AV大久保) – 一品国际 (Dynasty)
Hedgehog (刺猬) – 幻象波普星 (Phantom Pop Star)
Anthelion (幻日)- 黑羽 (TW)
Seesaw – Demo Disc (HK)
Tengger Cavalry (铁骑) – Ancient Call (远古呼唤)

Albums released in 2013:

Hard rock
Velvet Road (丝绒公路) – 青春是把上了膛的枪
Post Rock
Glow Curve (发光曲线) – Dedicate to Mind (迷航)
Rolling Bowling – 我不喜欢结婚

Albums released in 2012:

Luo Ning (罗宁) – 未知的旅行
Flamingstream – If Blood Roils…

Older releases recently purchased:

Buyi (布衣) – 布衣 (2010)
Chthonic (閃靈) – Takasago Army (高砂軍) (2011, TW)
Tien Square – Made in China (a rare album by a Beijing jazz band released in Hong Kong in 1996)
Xiao He (小河) – 身份的表演 (2009)



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