Chinese National Day Gala at the Alexander Theater (Sept 28)

I already posted these a while ago on my Facebook page, but here’s a few pictures taken at the Chinese National Day Gala (actual show and soundcheck) at the Alexander Theater on September 28. I performed my song 如雨消逝 (Fade Like Rain) and the reception was quite nice. A very positive experience, a big thank you to everyone who put the show together (mainly the folks at CSSA-UH and especially Jiang Zhongqing).

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Back in Finland

I came back to Finland on September 4 and it’s been quite busy since. Should get started on writing my master’s thesis (about Chinese rock music!), among other things… In China I spent altogether 6 weeks, from July 24 until Sept 4. Good times! I’ll try to post something about the trip later… in a nutshell.

Like last year, I’ll be performing again at the Chinese National Day Gala organized by CSSA-UH (Chinese Students and Scholars Association at the University of Helsinki). This time it’ll take place at the famous Alexander Theater (Aleksanterin teatteri) in Helsinki, September 28. Will be performing one of my own songs, in Chinese naturally. I’m honored! You can check out more about the gala on Facebook:

This is how awesome the theater looks (nice, huh?)


About the blog

This is a blog concentrating on (but not exclusively dedicated to) my music. It will be mostly in English with occasional posts in Finnish and Chinese. Probably.

Why’s it called “5 am again”? “5 am” is an incomplete song I wrote about five years ago, at 5 am. I’m also often awake at 5 am, even if I didn’t always want to. Thus, “again”.